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Forex trading can build wealth and can destroy it!!!!




Dr. Dokali Megharief established this website to share his view about the FOREX MARKET. We will be publishing forecasts, trading strategies, market trends for short and long term periods. The information published in this website ( is intended to help to train new comers of this interesting market; however, this information is not intended to be used unless you already have the knowledge of Forex education. The data & information published in this website is FREE and no subscription is required. The Website, its owners, directors & managers are not responsible for the accuracy of the published data & information and the users understood that any activities undertaken based on the published data is on their own risk & responsibility, and hold us harmless from any diverse situation. Trading Forex is a risky business; users should and must be aware of this fact before starting trading. You have to evaluate Risk & Reward before deciding to enter this profession.

The data & information published in this website are indictive and not inteded to be used by the visitors of this website. Any use is the responsibility of the user and he/she agreed in advance to held the website,its owners, directors and managers harmless. Forex Trading can destroy your wealth, therefore, don't get into it without a comerhensive training.